Choosing an Electric Bouncer

Babies certainly feel most comfortable when carried. Unfortunately, babies tend to cry when placed in their crib, making the mother tired of carrying. At times like that, parents can entrust their baby to the electric baby bouncer. You can visit to know more about it.

You can imagine an electric baby bouncer like a normal baby swing, but powered by electricity. While still in the mother’s stomach, the baby always moves along with the movement of the mother’s body. The younger the baby, the softer the swing motion. The basic function of an electric bouncer can be said to be the same as a conventional swing which makes babies feel comfortable when swinging. Many parents use an electric baby bouncer when they are unable to hold their baby, for example when cooking or going to the toilet. Another reason for using an automatic bouncer like this is because the older the baby, the heavier the baby will be when carried. This is certainly difficult when the mother wants to breastfeed her baby while holding her.

Holding your baby for too long can cause back pain and increase your risk of developing tenosynovitis. For this reason, the electric baby bouncer will be very useful for you and your baby.

Most of the electric baby bouncers currently on the market are claimed to be suitable for babies aged three months. This is influenced by the baby’s neck which has started to support its head strongly. In general, babies will feel comfortable and fall asleep immediately if they use an electric baby bouncer. However, keep in mind that the electric baby bouncer is only a tool that functions to accompany your little one. Although its use is very practical, do not use it for babies whose age is smaller or larger than recommended.

Even if your baby is very fond of electric swings, if his weight has exceeded the allowable limit, stop using the bouncer. Generally, electric baby bouncers can be used for babies weighing up to 12–15 kg (some are more depending on the model). If the maximum weight listed is 12–15 kg, this product can generally be used for babies up to two years of age who are already actively moving. Even if the body weight is still below the maximum limit, you should stop using the bouncer when you feel that its use will harm your little one.

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