E-Commerce Trends That You Need to Know

If you want to enter and follow the development of e-commerce, you need to know a few trends from e-commerce getfoundation. The following are some of the trends you need to know. Before that, you can visit our website and our eCommerce platform will help you to find solutions and provide advice for your eCommerce business.

1. Value Chain Management
One weakness of e-commerce websites is that they cannot convey the value of the goods to the buyer right after the transaction process is complete. This point is still an advantage of offline stores. When you buy an item in an offline store, you can immediately bring the item you bought right after you pay for the item. Therefore, many e-commerce websites have begun implementing a one-day service with a same-day delivery strategy such as Amazon.

An example of a company that succeeded in cutting the value chain so that customers can immediately feel the value of the goods/services they buy is Netflix. The famous company Netflix has succeeded in creating its e-commerce system that offers a streaming service. Digital transformation made by Netflix is no joke. From physical CD rental companies to change their main products into digital form. Thus, Netflix customers no longer need to wait to be able to feel the value or value of the items they rent/buy. Now, when you finish the transaction, at that moment you can feel the value of the transaction without any pauses. In essence, many e-commerce companies are starting to compete to be able to deliver value products to customers as efficiently as possible. So, you already have a solution for this? If so, create an e-commerce website for your business and show the world that you can solve this value chain problem.

2. Smart Distribution
With the development of artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce has been formed into a smart distribution channel. E-commerce websites can read users’ habits in using websites. Starting from what categories are often searched for, what items have entered into the wishlist, to the history of the purchase of goods. Later, data from the habits of users of e-commerce websites can be used as remarketing strategies. This is to ensure you buy items that you frequently search for, to repurchase items from the e-commerce website.

Have you ever thought that remarketing products would be that easy? By having an e-commerce website, you can do it only in finger movements. Of course, to create a smart e-commerce engine, smart platform creation capabilities are also needed. For example, by installing the tagging function to display user activity on the website through Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager. The results obtained from user activity from e-commerce websites can vary. Starting from which pages are most visited on the e-commerce website, to what products are the most sold.

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