Manifestation As A Small Step to Realize Your Dream

Maybe you’ve heard someone say that when you want something, try to think as if you’ve already got it. That way, you will subconsciously work harder to make that wish come true. Well, the method or concept is often known as a manifestation in the eyes of philosophy and spirituality. There are many meanings and ways to apply this concept of manifestation. Besides making it happen, you can pour your manifestation principles into a mug from us, Manifestation Mug.

Basically, manifestation works by bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief. In other words, if you think about it, it will come. At first glance, the meaning of this manifestation is similar to the concept of the law of attraction, right? Yup, the two are often combined on many occasions.

The concept of this manifestation became popular in the self-help book by Rhonda Byrne entitled ‘The Secret’. In the book, manifestation means realizing dreams by ‘living out’ goals through a more holistic approach. Maybe some of you are quite skeptical, does the concept of manifestation really work?

Well, scientifically, manifestations might work indirectly. According to Mal Paper, from a scientific point of view, this manifestation can be attributed to the placebo effect. That means, this manifestation can work by stimulating the mind with positive things so that it will provide an increase in psychological mood. Well, the process of believing that you are doing something to get better can trigger positive effects, one of which is increasing endorphins.

Thanks to the positive beliefs that have been planted, the hormone endorphins increase, and we are also more dedicated to trying to achieve these desires. From there, the manifestation seems to really work and becomes more reasonable. Even so, if many people have their own theory does not mean wrong.

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