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You Must Know This To Make A Popular TV Ad

Making TV commercials popular or known by most people is not easy, and this requires effort and careful thought. To be sure, in order to become a popular tv advertisement it must be often seen by many television viewers. If we look at the reality at the present time, not a few people feel disturbed by the display of advertisements as pauses on the favorite television shows they are seeing. Many reactions arose from TV viewers, including switching channels to look for alternative shows, staying on the channel that was watched but left from the front of the television to do other activities. If this happens, no matter how good or interesting TV or ctv advertising made, the purpose of the ad or promotion will not be optimal.

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Then how can tv ads be seen by many people? Perhaps, what is trending now is to place a TV ad during the program. But for this, Advertisers have to pay a higher fee.

In making TV commercials so popular, we must first know who is happy with TV commercials or is often interested in TV ads. Do you have an idea?

The second step in making television commercials to be popular is to make advertising material (not products) that is interesting and liked by children of this age but good psychology for children. So that advertising does not interfere with or does not lead to bad children who are not good. We recommend that advertising materials have educational characteristics. So it does not cause anxiety in the elderly. While in terms of airtime, it should be aired during child time at a relaxed time and first aired during commercial breaks.

Use word or picture terms that are easy for children to remember and easy to pronounce and practice by children. With a good word or sentence notes and motion pictures that are safe for children and tend to educate.