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How To Build Connection With A Girl Through Texting

The pressure of texting a girl you like is quite high even though nowadays there are so many methods in approaching a girl you like. But texting is still one of the most popular ways that are important because it could make or break your opportunity to be with her. Praising her charming smile is a good step to start a conversation. But if you want to go deeper into her heart, you should be able to praise her not only from the outside appearance because there are many guys out there who know that her smile is charming. So start getting to know her from the inside. Continue your conversation by asking something related to her hobby, her personality or something that becomes her passion. Make your conversation flow, don’t dominate, girls like to tell their favorite things. So it won’t be difficult for you to pick something that she likes.

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For example, it turns out that the girl you approach likes to travel as a backpacker, behind her busy work she always plans to go on vacation to exotic destinations. From that information, what can you do? Just flattering her charming smile? Praise the uniqueness of the brave character, as a female backpacker who has managed to use her free time to explore countries, which you may not necessarily have achieved. Now she already knows that you are interested and wants to know her more closely. You are also not only interested in her smile and outward appearance, but you have also known and praised her character. As the example above, say you have praised her for her courage and independence as a female backpacker.

Praise her by connecting her to yourself. For example: If you also like traveling, tell me where you have gone, maybe there is the same destination that you have visited, tell about the challenges you face, this will strengthen the impression why you praise your courage and independence. A girl will reply to your message if you succeed in convincing her that to you, she is an attractive person, not only in appearance but also in character. She was already in your grasp when you managed to convince that your interest in her character had a relationship with you which would further make her sure to meet you in person.