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How Does a Gynecology Consultation Work?

The schedule of the advanced gynecological consultation will be discussed at the initial consultation and is part of the post-treatment. The method used in the follow-up consultation will differ depending on the disease, the patient’s health, age, test results, and the patient’s body reacts to the treatment. For example, patients diagnosed with end-stage gynecological cancer, such as cervical cancer or uterine cancer should be monitored every three months during the first year and once the following year. You can visit gynecologist Chattanooga tn to get treatment.

Meanwhile, women affected by fungal infections need to take a follow-up consultation session to make sure the infection is gone. If a woman is diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), she must take a consultation for some time to see the development and potential of other diseases, such as infertility.

Under certain conditions, obstetricians will collaborate with other specialists, such as endocrinologists (to maintain the patient’s hormonal balance), surgeons, radiologists (if patients undergo radiotherapy), or weight-loss specialists, because obesity can affect reproductive health and weight loss procedures aimed at meeting the special needs of patients.

The task of obstetricians during the consultation is:

Perform a careful examination of the medical record, including the effect of treatment on the patient’s body
Ask the patient to undergo further examination
Conduct a general interview about the patient’s health, including symptoms that are felt
Provide counseling guidance to find out better prevention or treatment methods
Make a referral to another specialist doctor
Recommend additional treatment, when or if needed

Many patients often have difficulty following the follow-up consultation schedule for various reasons, including not being interested in coming, misunderstanding, distrust of the doctor’s ability, poor relationship between doctor and patient, distant clinic location, patient’s condition deteriorating to the point of being unable to come, die, and be too anxious to know the results after consultation.