Choose The Right Infant Car Seat

Choosing a baby safety seat in a car for a child can be a thrilling experience. That’s because buying a car baby seat isn’t just an essential item, it’s also the most expensive purchase. Since baby safety seats in cars are meant to protect your little one while traveling, make sure you research the different types and models thoroughly at Here are some basic tips on what to know about baby safety seats in cars, to make the search a little easier and make sure you don’t go wrong.

Get to know the car
The first thing to do is to read the car manual first. Can the baby seat in the car be used while wearing a seat belt or not? This knowledge is needed so that you know the type of car baby seat that is suitable for use.

Also, measure the back seat of the car to find out how much space is available for the baby safety seat in the car. Also, consider who will sit in the back seat. Because if it is too full, the trip will be less comfortable for the baby and other passengers.

Choose a flexible baby safety seat
Newborns can sit in two types of car seats: a rear-facing baby seat, or a convertible seat that faces the back of the car at first, and then rotates toward the front. Buying a convertible baby safety seat in a car will save you money, because it lasts into toddlerhood, and is completely safe.

Pay attention to the baby safety seat feature in the car
Are you just looking for a baby seat that is 6 months old or up to 4 years old? Or are you looking for a model that has a 5-point seat belt (two shoulder straps, two waist straps, and one strap between the legs that meet in the middle)? Take note! Always buy a car infant seat that has impact damping on the sides with added foam or air cushions on the sides of the baby’s head. Don’t forget to also check whether the baby safety seat already has enough baby safety belts or not.

Choose one that is easy to clean
A baby safety seat in a car made with a soft cloth is easier to clean than a textured cloth. Because babies can do many things during the trip. It could be that he dropped his food, wet diaper, vomited, and so on. So, the hygiene factor must also be prioritized.