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Recognize 5 Types Of Deck Material Before Choosing A Skateboard

Before directly deciding to buy a skateboard or cruiser skateboard, it’s a good idea for skateboarders to know in advance the various types of material commonly used kids longboard. This is important so that you are not wrong in buying boards.

There are at least five types of material that are important for you to know. Curious what are the five materials? The following is an explanation of each material commonly used in skateboards.

1. Maple wood, the most commonly used material

Deck material with maple wood is one of the most commonly used. The use of maple wood itself is done because this type of wood has a very strong resistance and is resistant to impact.

Besides, this type of wood is also known as not too heavy. The average wood used to make skateboards is between 60 and 80 years old.

There is one thing you should pay attention to if you ultimately choose to use a maple board. Keep in mind, that wood is an organic material that has a good level of humidity.

For this reason, the board should not be placed in a place that is too hot. This can have an impact on reducing humidity or drying out, which can damage the board faster.

2. Aluminium, deck material with excellent resistance

Aluminium deck material today may not be as popular as boards that use maple wood. Previously, aluminium was only used for making trucks, the part that connects the wheels and decks.

Now, aluminium boards have also begun to be found on the streets and skateboard shops. This is because aluminium material also has several advantages.

One of them is in terms of relief. The aluminium board was no less lightweight than wood boards in general. Besides, the board also has stronger resistance.

Another advantage is that aluminium can be recycled. For you environmentalists, using aluminium material decks can help show your personality as a skater.

3. Nylon, not too popular as a skateboard material

Compared to Aluminum, the use of nylon material for skateboards is relatively newer. The idea of making a board using nylon itself arose because of the accumulation of nylon waste in the ocean.

Nylon made from synthetic fibres made from polymers is quite difficult to decompose. To that end, Bureo, which is a Los Angeles-based company, also made a breakthrough by creating a nylon skateboard.

The basic ingredients of this skateboard used to be fishing nets which became waste on the coastline of Chile. Even so, the use of nylon for skateboarding is still not very popular.

4. Bamboo, a flexible and strong material

Lately, boards that use bamboo as a deck material are increasingly eyeing skateboarders. This is because it turns out that bamboo fibre can provide durability and flexibility compared to other boards.

Bamboo also offers lightweight boards, and this is a similar advantage that maple wood also offers. In some products, bamboo can even be combined with maple wood.

5. Acrylic for custom skateboards

The use of acrylic for deck material is also not as popular as other materials. Most, skateboards that use acrylic material are the result of the creation of homemade.

This type of board did not attract the attention of skateboard manufacturers for mass sale. What’s more, the use of acrylic for skateboards has also not proven its safety for users.

By knowing the deck material used in skateboards, you will not be wrong again in determining the right board. Even so, one of the most important is, of course, choosing a board made of safe material.

Congratulations on choosing and having fun with the new skateboard.