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You Might Want To Know About These Popular Teapots

Since ancient times, red clay is considered the best material for a teapot. The ancient Chinese believed that tea, brewed with a teapot like that, had medicinal properties. For now, you can buy a teapot from any store. Modern teapots are made of various materials, for every taste and wallet. However, if you want to find the one with a classic touch without wasting your money, we recommend you to buy the Teekanne aus Gusseisen.

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Let’s think about the most popular types of brewery teapots, such as:

Glass Teapot

Glass teapots are the most popular. Glass teapot has an attractive appearance and is very comfortable to use. It’s known that when a glass teapot is being heated, it won’t change the taste and aroma of the tea. The only drawback of such a teapot is that it is unusually fast spoiled. After each brewing, the chocolate layer stays on the glass, which makes the tea glass maker look untidy.

Ceramic teapot

Ceramic teapots are no less popular than glass teapots. Teapots like these are considered the most reliable because they can withstand high temperatures perfectly.

Porcelain and teapot faience

Porcelain and earthenware are considered traditional ingredients for brewing. The porcelain teapot heats up very quickly and maintains high temperatures for a long time. Because of this quality, porcelain beer is considered the best for full tea infusion. Many porcelain and faience pottery models are considered antiques and are of high value.

Metallic teapot

Metal brewing models are quite often found in modern commodity markets. It must be remembered that the inner surface of the metal teapot must be covered with a special protective layer, otherwise, the metal can interact with tea particles and form toxins, which are not safe for human health. One popular model is the metal pitcher with filter and piston (beer with the press). A teapot like that is able to remove almost all the substances it contains.