These Messages Are Important For College Students

In this article, I will share messages relating to independence and integrity for students both new students and students who are undergoing lectures. Although these messages are simple, they are actually the important Student advise that you must know.

Here are the messages for you:

Attending the lecture classes diligently

It’s the main task of a student in college. It is clear that a student must be diligent in studying until graduation, which is something that is undeniable. Don’t skip classes unless for emergency needs.

By studying diligently does not mean that we are only studying (learning) and not related to the outside world. If we are good at managing time, we can fill our days with other useful activities such as socializing, joining an organization, and exercising.

This is where a student must have qualified independence. Don’t assume that being diligent in college makes you isolated from the outside world.

So, unless you are sick or permitted, be diligent in college and most importantly do not skip.

Don’t cheat the attendance system

The absentee note may have become a common thing for some students. Skipping classes also tend to be considered justifiable when actually it’s wrong.

Usually, students are absent because they are not there but still want to be declared present or late but they are not allowed to enter the class again by the lecturer.

Not only will it become a problem if we are found absent by lecturers, but it can also reduce morale and integrity within us. Of course, this will become a bad habit and get carried away in our daily lives.

So, from now on, avoid leaving absences regardless of the circumstances. There is not a forced term. We should attend class diligently so we can gain knowledge well at the campus.

Be religious

As students, we must have a good attitude, starting with thoughts, speech, and actions. How we do good things in our daily lives. By following religious teachings, you will find it easier to follow the rules of the university, so you can study well without having to deal with problematic events that might happen there.

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